Traffic Warning ⚠️

With the next faze of sounds coming into IF, such as the new B777-200 engine noises, APU startup and running noises, and the awesome Autopilot disengage sound, I think that it would be awesome if there was a warning system for traffic, where it told you exactly where is was, and how you could avoid it. Let me know your thoughts below!

Sorry if this is already a requested feature, I couldn’t find any topic like it…

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In addition to the ongoing feature request that Alex provided, I think what you’re wanting is what we call TA/RA. Traffic Advisory/Resolution Advisory. Majority if not all of airliners and corporate will have this equipment installed.

This equipment is what will trigger the audible warning such as “Climb, climb now!” or “Descend, descend now!”. Some aircraft will even indicate a vertical speed that you need to maintain to ensure appropriate separation with the conflicting aircraft.

I have included a screenshot and a link to the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) who has some more information on this. Feel free to read this at your convenience.