Traffic very close to me

I have a very close expert server, my callsign UA 534 the callsign of the person Navy 330 is there someone to solve the problem?
I am close to PHNL

Just an escort it looks like

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Where are you currently flying?

In PHNL to klax

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Yes but I don’t want a escort in expert server


I searched for them on the IFC and nothing came up. I don’t think that there is anything else you can do.

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There’s nothing you can really do, you can message them on IFC or get a hold of a moderator but that’s about it

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An escort isn’t that bad I would think?


All just to inform you for future reference, the report button is disabled, unless you are apart of IFATC or a staff/moderator.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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The person is gone or ban I dot no

They may have ran out of fuel but I really don’t know. Unfortunately, in these cases, there is really nothing that you can do.


You can call guys from IFAE to show this guy that you don’t want any escort XD

@Nate_Schneller Does IFAE do such missions or no?

The Global Air Force Division does all the fighter stuff, and escort services I believe have only happened to either IFAE’s or their own airmen.

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He’s definitely not flying for GAF.
We have particular callsign in our group plus we rarely fly in this region.

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Not an IFAE/GAF guy.
IFAE can if you ask an IFAE pilot


No we do not.

Ok. Just wondering. I’ll remove my post now. Couldnt find the other one.

PM me if yall get it cause that’s the only thing I’d want to do.

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