Traffic right now in KATL

So, in expert server they are so dedicated to enhance reality that there a huge line of airplanes to departure, HOLY MOLLY!

IFATC around KATL don’t get crazy hahahah (love you)


At the release day too 💣


Hahhaha that i love you message really changed their mind lol

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this is madness not gonna lie haha

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Now RW 8R is gonna to jam too hahha, what a line

I just controlled tower, ground, and ATIS there. It was very busy, I love seeing KATL this busy like IRL!

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you really love to be bussy all the time haha, excellent work!

Landed there this morning… I think I never saw so many Delta aircrafts in my life 🥵


That’s the world’s busiest airport for ya!

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like Shrek said once Delta is love, Delta is live

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I know, even in IF it’s bussy hahah

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Anyone wondering where I’m heading tho

EST. 14hr 18mn
Airbus A380
Going to pass thru Atlantic Ocean, cross European and Russian Airspace and the head down to Beijing

long flight haul, I hope my phone doens’t burn down xd

FlightPlan_KATL_ZBAA.fpl (5.5 KB)

You should have seen Geneva last week, that place was a mad house.

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Keep up the great work guys.

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