Traffic patern questions

Is it considerd a traffic patern if I fly out from the airport do a holding patern and then fly back?

No. Traffic patterns are ones where you come back around to the runway to do a touch and go, low pass, stop and go or a full-stop landing. If you were to fly out, do a holding pattern and return, you’d be departing the airport, holding around in the air, then arriving back at the airport.


Thanks I flew out and did a holding pattern earlier today but ATC reported me because they said I was flying a traffic pattern when I was coming back to the airport after a holding patern

I recommend you contact the appeals team given that a report was involved. It’s best that they take a look and make a judgement on whether that report was fair or not. If you wish to contact them, this link would put you through to the appeals team who would be happy to assist you.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been reported.


I contacted the controller however he insisted that I flew a pattern when I did not

If you believe that you were not in the wrong, even after the controller’s explanation, appeals would be happy to help make a final decision based off your replay :)

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I contacted appeals so thanks for your guys help


Being situated in appeals.