Traffic on Expert server

So I looked into InfiniteTracker the first time since the Pandemic and I was just blown away of the amount of traffic that flies additionally to the standard users right now! That’s so amazing I love to see IF grow!


Yeah, it’s definitely a jumble of traffic, and what IF is all about!

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You should have seen the FNFs. Almost TWICE as much traffic as this. Probably because today’s airports aren’t widley known or don’t appeal to traditional US users.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the US users (granted that I am one) only prefer to fly in the US and occasionally in Europe’s “popular” destinations (EGLL, LFPG, EDDF)? I’m just observing based on traffic volumes in Asia, Africa, etc.


Yeah the amount of traffic rn with everyone stuck at home is a bit mental - certainly putting IFATC to testing their abilities :)

I am actually one 😅

Yeah I have that feeling too

Yes IF is helping a lot of people staying safe at home 🙂

Around 2000 pilots flying online, that’s incredible!


I might make a separate topic on this, I’m interested in discussing what are some of the opinions!

Dang the amount of pressure during FNF you guys get

And im so glad that for the first time ever on IF, my home airport is full of traffic

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Which one is it?

It is LATI

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