Traffic nightmare at EGCC

So today’s flight was good until I started to descend near EGCC. So when I started my descent i saw a lot of white boxes (cause i use them to track where people are). I didn’t think much of it until I landed. And as you all know, this was from the wacky racing event. I wish I attended but I couldn’t. But anyway this was one of the most heaviest traffic I’ve ever seen in IF and the most Q400s lol. I want to thank ATC for doing their best :)

Aircraft: Boeing 767/ Thomas cook Livery

Route: LFTM ------> EGCC

Sever: Expert

So yeah it’s my first time experiencing super heavy traffic. Also I saw on Infinite flight’s twitter and they stated from a reply from a comment saying “It is very likely that we won’t ship a major update while the COVID-19 situation is still escalating” So does that mean the 777 rework will be delayed for a long time? Anyway hope u liked the photos :)


Im one of those fly bees!! Nice photos

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I really like that second photo!

How can you go wrong with the Dash 8?

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Nice pictures, but the correct airport code is LTFM.

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Manchester was absolute mayhem yesterday - I was in the Approach line for felt like forever

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