Traffic invisible at VHHH

Most of the traffic at VHHH just now on expert is invisible, you cant see queuing planes when parked or planes on final etc. Planes just suddenly appear. Is this a bug with the update ?

You will only see a certain amount of aircraft based on your settings and proximity to them. Also if you don’t have all of the aircraft downloaded you may not see them initially.

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Are aircraft tags/markers turned on? What do you have your aircraft count set to? You can find this in the “Live” settings section.

No they are turned off.

Full settings (if you mean graphics) and all aircraft downloaded

Did you restart your device before you spawned? And what camera view(s) did you utilize?

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Turning these on will allow you to see where all aircraft are. You wont see the actual aircraft model though.

In the settings, the option is to hide aircraft tags and markers, so endure that the boxes for these parameters Are not ticked. Also, increase your aircraft count to very high or high. Not all devices can handle this though.

Was on high, i’ve changed it to very high. Didnt even know you could change that.

You still won’t be able to see all aircraft at busy airports. At least that’s my experience. It should help though.

No i’ll try that, was the aircraft external view cam.

Again, back to my original response. Best practice is to restart your device before flights so that you are starting fresh and have your RAM available. If there are 25 Aircraft in close proximity to you might only see half of them or less depending on your settings, device and whether or not you have all aircraft downloaded.

Cheers ;)

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