Traffic incident @ KSAN

If I you say remaining in the pattern one more time! this pilot held up 10 aircraft at KSAN today by just saying ready for take off remaining in the pattern ever after I broardcasted no pattern work accepted.
Is it me being a drama king or does this pilot belong on the free flight server?

Note: screenshot was taken after I finnaly cleared “IT” for take off.


I’m just after doing some “pattern” flying with a friend lol and ATC practice and I totally understand your frustration but I guess you have to stick with it or report it!


John Gerard, trainee ATC

It’s the playground please check other topics related to yours. But no you are correct in your thinking just search first next time :)

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@Jack_ Seen you at tower. You were good, these things Unavoidable in playground server at the moment. Have you notice me from the tower coming down crushing 😀😀 forgot to calibrate😁😁



My topic on this relates to yours almost identically! It’s so frustrating when people don’t listen. However, there’s nothing we can do about it at this point. All you can do is “suck it up” until your an advanced controller.

Happy Landings, Ryan 😄

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yep I guess its a fine balance between accommodating the ppl that just want to muck around with atc and those that want a more serious game. After all even the nimrods are paying the bills. I think Max’s suggestion is excellent. And how about renaming the playground server as ‘Intermediate level’ or something like that. Give the impression that a degree of decorum and co-operation is expected.