Traffic in sight / Looking for traffic


I’d like to propose an idea. I think when ATC says “traffic alert,” I think there should be an option to either say “looking for traffic” or “traffic in sight.” I personally think this should only be an option on the expert server as the “traffic alert” is often misused on the TS. I also think it could help to add more specifications with the “traffic alert” such as callsign, aircraft type, or direction. I definitely think that the game would be ever so slightly more realistic with this feature.

I’m aware that there is a simular topic but this one presents a few different ideas.

About direction it might take to much time for the atc to fill that stuff out and then it might be to late I mean there aren’t crashes or anything bu that would just mess up those 2 people

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Yeah, maybe the controller should have the option to tap the traffic and the system will calculate the direction.

Id like to see « traffic on the parallel » added.

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Yeah! That could definitely be cool.

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You can say that for almost everything sent and received. They are in training, both the pilots and controllers. Almost all of the instructions will make no sense at times, and that’s very much ok!

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I am not sure how necessary it is since the maps shows light aircraft.