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Tonight flying out of ATL I saw all runways green. The wind was out of the west but I noted ATC was Allowing one delta jet to land with the wind? In searching “traffic control” in our training topics I see all takeoff and Landing into the wind.

Any wisdom on what I am missing?

Yes you are right. Generally takeoffs and landings happening facing the wind.

I wouldn’t base anything on what happens on the training server. Training ATC may not completely understand that yet so they may be having conflicting arrivals and departure. Just do your best to follow real world procedures (If that is what you like to do). Many things that happen on the training server aren’t really proper procedures. If able I highly recommend flying on Expert where ATC and pilot quality in general is better.

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Note that on expert you may be instructed to land with the wind provided it is less than 10kts.


There can be some exceptions, if the airport already have traffic the controller might want to keep the same runway to avoid delay. Most aircraft can land with a TWC of 10kts anyway.


As stated above, and ignoring airport specific procedures, the flow will usually be into the wind.

Whether a runway change will occur with changing winds depends on wind speed and forecasts. If the winds will remain below 10kts and are going to change back around to the original heading in an hour, may as well keep the same flow.

You may also see flows with the surface wind while winds are clam or slow if the winds just above the surface are going a different direction and strong enough to take into consideration. No one wants to go down the hill on approach with a 30kt tailwind.

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When I control on TS1, and there is little to no traffic, I don’t care if a pilot requests landing on a runway with tail wind and I approve. It’s his business as long as it doesn’t makes a mess out of the airspace. If they don’t ask for specific runway, I instruct them to enter pattern to a wind facing runway.


Thank you for the info…


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