Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

Interestingly in IF data files, there is a TCAS sound file, but it uses a different file format .bank

That would be really annoying when trying to do flights with other people and escort flights

This would be helpful because everytime when I cross the Atlantic, someone is always on the same FL as me so I think getting a TCAS warning would be more realistic then just checking the map every 10 minutes for aircraft at your FL.

This is awesome. Hopefully this gets added in the future! 😍


This needs to be added and make ton of noise for AFK flights like overnights so I can leave my volume off but it goes off through a ringer .

Actually, it is regard as half-done because you can check the colour (distance ) of these airplane height, speed and registered information .

I think we have them on the map but sounds would be good

I still really want this.

This may just be a bit too much, a simple “traffic, traffic” sound could be a good idea.

I think this would be a great idea for the genius of John Goering, the developer of In-Flight Assistant. I think it would work as another sound pack. I do agree with the last comment about how it would be to much for IF itself. The “traffic, traffic” warning from IFAssistant could prompt you to look at the map. Only problem of course would be that, in reality, both conflicting aircraft MUST have the system. The other aircraft might not have IFAssistant and if they saw that you were close to you, they might start climbing when you are being told by tcas to climb as well. This is an excellent idea of yours though.

Gonna bump this up because I think it is needed. It would also be awesome to see it in action on the A320 family as it has live navigation displays now.

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This needs a revisit. Very good feature request!

I like the idea, it adds realism. But maybe you could fly with the TCAS off. In case your doing a formation flight of something.

You have my vote on this! Like the idea :)

Even though they don’t have this right now, you could still get In-Flight Assistant which gives you the traffic, traffic sound.

Looks like something is in the works for the live cockpit (on the A350)!


I think there should be a TCAS that can be activated by the player. The option to set specific aircraft as ‘accepted’, even when they are very close would also be practical for group flights.

One more suggestion I’d like to make would be that the TCAS should be able to interfere with the autopilot, if the player allowes it to do so. Basically, the system should automatically change your altitude in order to avoid a crash and as soon as the danger is over it should undo the changes as the player would usually set his flight level for a reason (be it that he just randomly feels like it’s nice). When that happens the ALT and VS panels on the autopilot could show ‘TCAS’ as an extra, similar to how it shows ‘VNAV’ when that is enabled

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I somewhat agree with this, however there are some things I can think of that would need to be specific to allow ATC to understand what is going on. In my opinion, the minimums should be set to bring pretty close to someone. If it were set as the minimum ifr separation, this would cause issues as sometimes aircraft cruising at an alt (for example FL350) will sometime register as being at FL349 as it rounds down. This would trigger the TCAS system if it were set up that way. There also should be communication with ATC. Instead of an auto climb or auto descend, I think radar controllers should make that distinction. Sometimes there are things that you can’t see that the radar controller can (that’s why they are there). Also another thing is what happens when a parallel approach? I think this idea needs to be refined a bit and it will take a lot of work to get it to where it needs to be, but I voted!

The option to turn it on and off as needed would fix most of these problems already. Most of the time there is no radar control active, so at least in cruise it would be very practical

Agreed, however it shouldn’t be the pilots’ responsibility to disable this when contacting a radar freq because I can first hand speak to some pilots not knowing how to communicate with radar, follow instructions, and other trivial stuff. Also, most pilots are away on their cruise phase, especially for longer flights.