Traffic @ Bristol EGGD **emotional, cops called**

Who ever would have thought that Bristol would get traffic?

Flight was from Nice (LFMN) to Bristol (EGGD) in the 2015 easyJet A320, a very nice flight ending with a go around due to exceptionally windy conditions. Nothing like some typical English weather for flying, with @Ecoops123 joining me once I’d crossed the Channel. Thanks @Waffs for opening ATC

Possibly the most traffic ever at the airport since Global released…

First landing attempt resulting in a go-around

Making left traffic for a second attempt


Taxi to gate, time for a quick round of spotting

Get Ryanair’d

An easyJet going somewhere…

Gear up swooosh

Now to not make another #screenshots-and-videos topic for about a year.



Sick shots !!

Please use the correct term.


The title at the end just makes me chuckle lol.

Awesome photos!

nice shots !


It was very windy indeed, but none the less it was super fun! I want to thank @easyJetVirtual for the amazing event! And all the other pilots for flying in and departing, it was a very fun session!
Thanks all, for stopping by!


Great pictures! 😍

Thanks as always for controlling our events! Don’t know what we would do without you!😂

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An uncontrolled airport that is! ;)

I see Dan getting completely emotional over this.
Dream come true ;p

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