Traffic at TNCM

I was doing a fly out of TNCM but it took me 35 minutes from push and start to clearance for takeoff. There were aircrafts that were not able to push because of the pile up of traffic on taxiways. The airport was obviously overloaded and there were still dozens of planes approaching. Should the arriving planes get diverted or a hold before the ground traffic eases?

It is up to ATC, Tower, Ground, and Approach work to make it as efficient as possible. TNCM is a smaller commercial airport, so lots of traffic will cause quite the jam.

As I said, ATC is the one making decisions, and if you would want a more clear answer, maybe one of the controllers at the time of this could give you an answer.

Yeah, I just landed at KCLT (took off from TNCM) - the traffic there was very bad. However, today is update day, so expect a lot of server traffic today and in the coming days.

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One issue with diverting aircraft is that there’s lots of heavies inbound but no nearby airport that can accommodate them. So you just have to wait it out on a day like today


TNCM is very packed indeed, however irl the time from when you first request PB and you get takeoff clearance can be over 2 hours 😭.

I was just controlling KSAN and it was extremely busy I only had one runway for departures and arrivals so I had to fit as many departures in between arriving traffic as I could.

At one point I had 6 people sequenced behind each other for RW 27 and 5 people holding short. they were holding short for almost 20 minutes

This goes to say that traffic levels can instantly cause major delays and/or lead to a flight being canceled all together, the IFATC tries to keep everything as efficient as possible so we try not to issue gate holds even when traffic is extremely busy. However when a gate hold is needed we won’t hesitate to include it in the atis and notify the pilots.


I see. Thanks for the replies.

At one point I had 6 people sequenced behind each other

Sorry to detract from topic a bit and hijacking your words but this is the coolest sentence I’ve read today and just sold me to this good sim all over again even further.
It’s not “I had 6 aircrafts…” but “I had 6 people…”.
That goes to show how Infinite Flight is a soul-full model for a successful simulator app and it shows from how its users see it (hope I’m making sense lol).
Hope devs take note of this for strategic future developments!

Cheers yall, departing KMIA - TNCM, parking ground on destination still looks congested as I’m typing this!

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It’s not uncommon to see above normal traffic loads in Infinite Flight when into comparison to IRL. Some airports receive more traffic in Infinite Flight that it’s real world counterpart to the point where airports cannot accommodate these excessive loads. It’s important to keep this in mind as you’re operating at busy airports.