Traffic at EGLL

So I was on Casual Server to do some touch and gos at Heathrow since I only need 200 until Grade 5, and I’ve never seen this little people at/near Heathrow on any server.

Maybe it’s just because I don’t fly at EGLL often or what. I just find it a bit weird.


That’s crazy. Usually someone is doing a 180 on the runway. Tokyo drift. A Flight of 2 that are not really a flight of 2, just people colliding with each other. Then the famous 1002 kts in the F-16


Insane haha! It tends to be a bit more busier during 1800Z-2400Z.

But it’s never empty

it’s disturbing just seeing how deserted heathrow is…

Ah yes, the 1002 knot F16 giving people haircuts

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Usually it’s Training Server that has the massive amount of planes at EGLL. That it quite strange though. It looks like how EGLL was in real life when COVID first started. 😂

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Lmao. I just don’t exactly fly out of big and busy airports like LAX and LHR to often in IF.


That is not normal, nahhhhhhhh

Great spot tho because there is always somone at heathrow on the casual server lol.

Oh and welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay here! 😀

Thanks! Look forward to being active here! I’ve been looking on the IFC for over 2 months but only recently created a IFC account.

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Thats awsome! Well im sure you will have lots of fun here!

what happened to EGLL?!

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