Traffic Alert

Is traffic alert built into infinite flight and of so, does it apply to all aircraft and areas within the system?

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We currently have a system where aircraft that are quite close to you (should be prepared to take action) their icons go orange and aircraft that are extremely close to you go red (which means you should ideally take action to avoid)

Did that answer your question?

Oh yes, that is good. Does the TCAS make a noise warning you like I have seen on other post to the system?

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Currently we do not have a TCAS verbal warning system in place. You can create a feature request for it but make sure there is not currently an active request for it.

Here is the feature request if you want: Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

As mentoned, pilots only have the colour changing to orange and red, as a Traffic Alert.

Since the latest release of IF, the ATCs now have a traffic alert system to warn pilots. Obviously this only works when you’re on a Controller’s airspace.


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