Traffic alert

What does traffic alert mean, how should a pilot respond and in what situation is it used in?

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Well this is a new feature that was added in 19.1. Now I’m pretty sure it’s self explanatory as to what it means. I think that it means for a pilot to look out of his/her surroundings to check for traffic on the ground to avoid collisions.

If I’m wrong could someone please correct me thanks.

I’d guess it’s a simulation of TCAS so respond to it as you would tcas meaning if ATC tells you to change anything say unable

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busy airspace and be alert and ready to do a go around if needed

This is incorrect.

“Traffic Alert, check surroundings immediately.” means that there’s another aircraft near you and you may end up colliding. What you should do, which is pretty obvious, is avoid the aircraft.


that is sort pf what I meant just mis said it…Sorry:)

I know just said it wrong it sounded different in my head

It means you’re in imminent danger of losing proper separation. You need to check your heading and the traffic around you.


For example, here, the departing plane is climbing out directly into traffic on downwind.

After desperately attempting to extend his upwind, traffic alert is used as a last ditch effort to get him to recognize the plane directly in front of him. (Note for those who ignore straight out only on ATIS…it’s not just for fun. There’s a reason it’s there, as you can see.)

If you hear traffic alert, you need to check your surroundings immediately.


I was at EGCC, and this guy probably refuse to listen to approach but he was landing on the opposite end of the runway and Tower cleared me for takeoff and he said traffic alert, I just logged off

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