Traffic Alert Warning

Hi! I just remembered on my 11 hour flight, I almost crashed while I was away on A/P because of traffic (another plane cruising at the same altitude). I suggest there are ways this should be avoided.

  1. On screen warning on the top of the screen:


  1. Traffic! Traffic! Sounds.

  2. A notification sent to your device.

I suggested this since when looking on the map orange and red planes are really not helpful in most cases. Let’s just say both users are away for some time and don’t notice on the map anything. We need a warning system to prevent this.

Let me know your opinion!



My thoughts are, is this really necessary? As this is a simulator, its expected that users may be afk, especially during long flights. The worse that could happen is your a/c could fly through another, if youre away, does this matter?

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Not the same thing that I am requesting. Nice try tho

Kinda it does yes

I’m not trying to be difficult here but why does it matter?

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TCAS is exactly what you’re requesting. Only difference in yours is the notification.


TCAS would be exactly that ;)