Traffic Advisories Ignored

I was flying on the Advanced Server on my way to KSAN.
All the way ATC was there and I could see 09 was being used.
Just before I came in range of the frequency ATC left. I was still inbound following 3 other aircraft towards 09.
Then suddenly Aircraft started going into 27.
Someone sent traffic advisories about 27 being in use when we were still inbound for 09.
So I sent the right traffic advisories, directly followed by someone else sending the wrong ones AGAIN!
I saw two aircraft landing from two directions at the same time.
When it was my turn there was another plane coming in to 27. I saw the name Laurens but I forgot the call sign. It could have been ‘American 2 2 7’, but I’m not sure.
I again sent the right traffic advisories, but they again got sort of overruled.

I aborted my approach 'cause I got sick of it and my flight was already ruined.
While climbing and figuring out what to do and where to go I must has hit SPD by accident 'cause I received a traffic violation while looking at the map.
So back to grade 3 (for three days) all because of this Traffic Advisories nonsense.

What do you do in a situation like that?


I was there…CHAOS! Fortunately I landed safe with @anon66442947 in approach but when he left was a circus!

People think they can do as the please when there is not ATC. Even the supposed ‘professionals’!. Just ignore it unless they try to TO into you or something, then just report them ((:

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Yes, it was me.
No ATC was active, great opportunity to bring real world procedures back.

You were the only one coming in from the West.

Well, I was afraid of being reported myself, had I continued my approach. :(

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Not true. I was the last one of four.
Thanks for completely ignoring the sequence and acting unprofessional.


It was like this!

Just because ATC leaves doesn’t mean you can just do as you want if the situation has been set up unrealistically. It’s like is KASE is using 15 for TO, you can’t just decide to use 33 if ATC leaves as it’s realistic if there are aircraft on approach for 15. Either wait for traffic or continue as it is set up and get over it not being ‘real’ 😀


WOW! On the Advanced Server! I didn’t see that.
You shouldn’t have blurred the tags.
This is a great way to keep people from behaving like this.


Are the three days over yet? I want my green tag back!

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it since they left the tower and approach and dive drawn a chaos !! folks taking off from both sides of the runway, people who landed on top of other … if I’m not mistaken is happened to @planemadblog to go around !

Soon as tower left they started taking off 27. Why and how they can’t see 7 aircraft on final for 09. SMDH


So the one repeatedly sending traffic advisories contradicting the current sequence must have been you as well.

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Poeple, mainly teenagers, acting like little kids ruining it for others. Unbelievable!


I really love IF, but sometimes, due to certain circumstances or certain people, I can also really hate it.


You really have been ghosted?

KLAX was also chaotic the 2 min there was no ATC. It took me almost 10 min with 2 guys almost ghosted to sort it out.

No, I got a speed violation. Don’t know what went wrong, but I was figuring out where to go and what to do.

As stated above, when I was inbound for 27 there were only a few users in the skies and you were the only one coming in from the West. On my side there was at least one other aircraft which landed on 27.
So San Diego Unicom is using runway 27, right traffic was the correct traffic advisory at that time.

About the violation, it’s your problem if you aren’t skilled enough to make a left turn without overspeeding.

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You are just wrong.
In future look closer to what is going on before sending and repeating wrong traffic advisories and acting arrogant.
Again, and you can read it above in other posts as well, I was the last one of a complete sequence.
There were three others before me when you started sending the wrong advisories.

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