TradeAir Airbus A320

Trade Air A320

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to another feature request! Today I am requesting the Trade Air A320!


About Trade Air

About the Airbus A320

Why We need this:

I personally think that IF Is lacking liveries from the balkans. Adding TradeAir A320 would not only increase the number of realistic destinations to fly in IF, but also, add an absolutely stunning livery to the A320! the A320 is my favourite aircraft and I would be very happy if this livery gets added to Infinite Flight.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to vote to see this in IF!
See you around!

Nice livery, but I won’t clearing a vote for this. 😃

That’s alright :)

if you change your mind make sure to vote!

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@iBalisticAlex thanks for voting! Much appreciated!

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That’s a beautiful livery, especially the sleek mask!

The mask reminds me of Air Canada’s new livery in that way

I think this is a very interesting livery! What do you think?

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I think we need more Croatians airlines,
The livery is nice.😊

I didn’t have a vote to vote for this.

Beautiful livery, hope to get it soon

This bandit mask looks awesome !