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What is happening with the tracking threads, lately it is so… silent here. Is it that most people are alreadY done with their practicum?

Want to do some partternwork, but if I go to TS server most of the kind of experienced ATC’s are not available… :( Therefore this question.

People can open Tracking threads whenever they want. I recommend taking look at the #atc category and possibly ask someone when they’re opening again.

Ys ofcourse, I always have this catagory open… Mostly they are open during night time (at where I stay), but eventhough… The ‘active’ has been decreased for the couple of days.

Haven’t done this option! Thanks for the recommendation!

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I am going to open now if you want

Phone crashed a few minutes ago haha, if you give me 5min then I am able to join :)

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School, that generally consumes time and it’s a big game changer when it comes to how much time is dedicated to Infinite Flight. But, I’m definitely sure Friday, Saturday or Sunday (depending on religion) will be active I believe.

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I would love some company, to ace my practical IFATC.

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You’re on?

I’ll open mine in a couple of minute if you want ;)

It’s okay, you don’t have too. But if you’re on, you could tag me on your tracking thread.

Now, let’s not get off-topic as I think this is starting to become the case.

if you are looking for ATC im going to be open at SLC in a few hours.

What time zone are you on.

Gulf Standerd Time.

Ok mate, every time I open shall I tag you.

Your choice, but I may be sleeping when you tag me so it’s based on luck.

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