Tracking thread

I don’t know why but I’m not able to pin the tracking thread

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That’s strange, looks like has unpinned for me as well without me doing anything. As far as I’m concerned you can’t pin a topic, only unpin an already pinned topic and the tracking thread looks like it is not pinned at the moment

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Can you pin the topic or is that just me?

Mine is also Unpinned

I think they unpinned the topic and hid it

The topic was unpinned by a moderator/staff, or they set a date for it to be unpinned.

They didn’t unlist it and the notification settings were left unchanged (muted does hide the topic in recent activity aka homepage), but it is unpinned now for some reason and the unpin message is nowhere to be seen.


Very Very Strange …

Well it’s probably not the 757 rework releasing today, so it’s probably some moderator’s fingers getting a rework in the mod chat

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No I don’t think so they never just unpin something I don’t think it is coming out today at all I just think they have big news that deserves it’s own thread

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21.1? 😳
Alright stopping with speculation lads

Yea anyway I am waiting for your fan trailer lol can’t wait your greatness lol


What would we do without @MishaCamp and his tireless efforts to please you? ;)