Tracking thread question

Here us my question:
Why is the CRJ tracking thread so heavily moderated? Why are their so many rules regarding what can be posted, and why do the moderators have to spend so much of their time shutting down any discussion which isn’t specifically related to confirmed features? I get that it helps to have the tracking thread well organised so it’s easier to get information but in that case, why cant we have a thread for general discussion about the update. Why would this be such a problem? If someone can answer my questions that would be great.

Because it gets irritating when there’s 15 new replies and nothing new is confirmed. Also, there have been many instances where simple discussions lead to arguing and speculation which doesn’t help anyone.


It’s actuallt not that heavily moderated as it might seem.

We have however been required to delete a pretty large amount of:

  • Just obvious dumb posts
  • Complete irrelevant and off-topic posts.

The reason a more “General” topic isn’t required is simply because we’ve already seen what happens to those topics, and it requires a huge amount of moderation. The various topics surrounding the then impending Global release is great examples of that.


Thanks for your helpful replies, this topic can be closed now.