Tracking thread for 3D Airports

Tracking thread 3D Airports

Hello IFC.
I’ve noticed that everyone has been posting projects of 3D airports of certain countries that they are working on, or are done and have been released or waiting for the airport to be released.

I had an idea that instead of having to click each link to each thread, it would be easier if the editors of the airports want they post the progress here so that we know what airport they are working on.


• Project Australia

• Project Germany

• Project Greece

• Project Myanmar

• Project Canada

• Project Ukraine

• Project China

• Norway coming to life in 3D

WIP Airports

• TJSJ is being made by @Rob_M

• KEWR is being made by @Pingu

• DTMB is being made by @Mathurin_Garcier

• KSLC is being made by @Levet

I am probably missing some airports, please let me know which ones, also if I got something wrong please let me know


I think itll just make everything really unorganized.

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Thanks for your hard work !!



I think this is a great idea and I appreciate your commitment. I’m sure it’ll be hard to update but good luck :)

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I’ll try my best to keep it updated, if you have any feedback please let me know

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I believe Staff and Moderators are going to discuss some options to streamline and unclutter the forum. More to follow once they’ve made a decision.


Great, thanks

A thread for threads… interesting 🤔