Tracking someone down

Can someone please help me find the user with the name “High Flyer 109” callsign- N334QU.

Why? What did they do?

I can’t seem to find them. What server was this on? This should be able to help us, but please note not everybody that is on Infinite Flight is on this community.

Nothing bad, I’m just very curious. I am flying from Vietnam to Paris and he is doing the same thing right now but he is in the coolest holding pattern. He has flown in over 20 circles, big ones and I just want to know why he’s doing that. I know it’s kind of dumb but I’m curious


I am on the expert server

He is probably away from his device and didn’t descend and is circling his destination.

No that’s the thing we just left the airport.

I got him

I recommend using then going to the search bar and searching for a callsign. That should so the trick.


Found him/her on LiveFlight

The flight path isn’t quite detailed. He/she seems to be doing circles.

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Pretty neat I think thank you

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What one is it? 😂

The picture you posted is what I see currently on my screen on my flight

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This happens when the aircraft is too fast to make a turn when two waypoints are close enough to each other.

fair enough but I don’t think that many times

It will happen for an infinite amount of time until either the aircraft runs out of fuel or the course is corrected by the pilot.

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