Tracking Flights using FR24 and

Hello, I have a question regarding Tracking flights using FlightRadar24 and

So lets say for example I want to track Southwest 1906 From St. Louis to Houston (Hobby). I know that I tune to KSTL Clearance then to ground, Tower and Departure.

I recently figured out that has some ARTCC frequencies but not all of that centers sectors are active. I also have a gold Subscription to FR24 which lets me see the FIR/UIR that current aircraft is located in. For example lets say the Aircraft is currently in the Kansas City Center Airspace and frequencies when I Tune to each of the different frequencies to see if I can pick it up I usually struggle to find it.

Can someone please help me out? or give me tips. On a side note I have tried using skyvector to try and figure out what frequency or to get a better understanding of where the aircraft might be located and the frequencies that it could possibly pick up.

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This is a lot like Flightradar24 Findings

I mean i’m not showing an aircraft I found I’m just looking for help on how to find the correct sector Center Frequency that the aircraft is tuned.


Oh, I can’t help you with that. Sorry.


Here’s a map of the US center frequencies if that helps :)

Thanks I use that as well but the center Sectors have sectors with in themselves such as High/Low or for example ZKC has a Salina High/Low.

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