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Hey there. Can someone tell me how to get some infinite flight tracking data like, speed, altitude, dep-appr, ect. would be cool if there is some way cause I want to implement it in some software.

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Do you mean something like this?

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yeah something like this but focusing on live streamers that want to share these information on their stream embedded in their overlays

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I think OP is asking about one of his own

Check out the #thirdparty:api category, you’ll find some important information on making one there


Thanks for sharing!

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Oh, that’s a great idea!

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The wonderful Adam Callow has something very similar to this check out his website:

Then there is LiveFlight and other systems similar

I haven’t used it yet but seen others using it :)

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It sounds like the Infinite Flight APIs are something of interest:

These will let you get the data for a specific flight, which you can use to build apps, stream overlays, etc :)

If you’re looking at live streams, the Connect API may be best suited as it works over the local network and sends data in real time, which you can use to create an overlay UI. We have a bunch of examples in different languages to help get you started in the link above


Thank you Cam!

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