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Mine too:)
Departure is planned at 7:05(la time)(KLAX Gate 76B)
Going to mexico!!


United airlines (pray for me) im kidding I like United
KPIT- @KPIT, suggestions? ;)
2335 Zulu
0200 Zulu, next day
AUG. 4
EDIT: departing now


Like for what to do in Pittsburgh?


Sure lol. Will only be “doing something” 2 hour a day


Uhm, IDK then. Maby, veey tentatively I may be able to go spot you…

(By wich I mean I think we are free today but I really dont know…)


No worries :)
That’s what google is for!


I mean the airport is pretty cool here, but I was about to explain somthing really long so I will PM you…


Actually I cant really spot you at 10:30 PM, lol, and my advice would be not as usefull at night since it involved plane spotting…


That’s my plan! We have a hotel on the airport for the first night cause we’d probably be out of the airport at midnight, so spotting from our hotesit is!

we should continue in a PM


Here is my flight! Track me today!


I will post mine soon. Heading to the UK tonight!


Track me on my flight back home to the UK.
I have been living in Abu Dhabi for the past 2 and a half years and npw im moving back to the UK for good. I will spend my last 2 years in school to progress me onto joining the RAF

Have fun following me😂😂(sounds creepy)

Airline : Royal Brunei
Flight Number : BI97
Departure Airport : DXB/OMDB, Dubai
Arrival Airport : LHR/EGLL, London Heathrow
Departure time (in Zulu) : 2150
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 0530
Date : 06/08/2018

Aircraft Infomation
Operater/airline : Royal Brunei Airlines
Airline Code : BI/RBA
Boeing B787-8 Dream)liner
Type code : B788
Registration : V8-DLD
Serial number (MSM) : 24788
Model S : 89505B
Age : 4 years


Track my flight!
Airline: China Airlines
Flight Number: CI/CAL919
Route: Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP/TPE) - Hong Kong International (VHHH/HKG)
Scheduled Departure Time: 060855Z
Aircraft: B738 (B-18656)


Flight 1

Departure: 7:15 AM EDT (1115Z) out of Gate D45

Flight 2

Departure: 9:57 AM MST (not MDT) (1657Z)

Fun Fact: N806AW came in to KPHX earlier from @KPIT


Enjoy it! I actually heard it fly over last night, some rough weather…


Well enjoy it…


Okay, here we go.

I’m mid flight:

Alaska Airlines A320, KEWR-KLAX, Flight 1165, N847VA.

Current status: Early Arrival, very little headwind, great day to fly!



I did not know this existed!

Airline : Southwest Airlines
Flight Number : WN (SWA) 6333
Departure Airport : Gerald R. Ford Int’l (Grand Rapids, Michigan) (KGRR)
Arrival Airport : Denver Int’l (Denver, Colorado) (KDEN)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1715Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 2205Z
Date : 8-11-18


Who wants to guess where @dush19 is going


Let me guess, Ahmedabad?