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Shucks I totally forgot this thread existed, just landed at WSSS (Changi International)


Delta 1241
Departure Time: 3:00 PM MDT (2100Z)
Boeing 739

We were originally going to fly N3771K (Delta 1323) to KSJC but we got $1,200 to take a later flight since that flight was overbooked.


Track my flight tomorrow! ACR1886 from KSAN -> CYYZ! Airbus A321, leaves: July 11, 2018 8:00 PM (Europe: Paris), July 11, 2018 11:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)


Visitting Lebanon! :)

First flight:
Airline: Royal Jordanian - RJ
Flight Number: RJ - 128
Departure Airport: LOWW - Vienna Intl.
Arrival Airport: OJAI - Amman Intl.
Departure time (in Zulu): 1330Z
Arrival time (in Zulu): 1800Z
Date: 11th of July

Connecting flight:
Airline: Royal Jordanian - RJ
Flight Number: RJ - 405
Departure Airport: OJAI - Amman Intl.
Arrival Airport: OLBA - Beirut Intl.
Departure time (in Zulu): 1850Z
Arrival time (in Zulu): 2045Z
Date: 11th July


Airline: Jet2
Flight Number : LS252
Departure Airport : FAO
Arrival Airport : LBA
Departure time (in Zulu): 1225Z
Arrival time (in Zulu): 1535Z
Date : 13th of July 2018

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Southwest Flight 4854
Gate 12
N214WN (Maryland One)
Departure Time: 7:05 AM PDT (1405Z)


ooohh lucky you getting the Maryland One…


Alaska 402
Departure: 5:49 PM PDT (0049Z)

FUN FACT: I was on this exact same plane back on May 12. I was flying KSJC-KSEA as ASA321 then. My uncle was also on this plane on June 9.

Has anyone ever flown/seen the same plane twice?

Airline : Hawaiian Airlines
Flight Number : 51
Departure Airport : New York (JFK)
Arrival Airport : Honolulu (HNL)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1400 Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 1855 Z
Date : July 21,2018

My first time to Hawaii for ten days!!


United 456
Looks like departing on 13R
Normally I fly American so I feel like I am cheating on them. But United had a non-stop so I took it.


Coincidentally, I’m flying to Denver too 😂 (for a layover, but still)

Airline : United
Flight Number : 1563
Departure Airport : KIAH
Arrival Airport : KDEN
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1030Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 1255Z
Date : July 23, 2018

Continuing on to:

Flight Number: 1563
Departure Airport: KDEN
Arrival Airport: KIDA (Idaho Falls)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1355Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 1539Z


I’m going on 2 flights today.

Flight #1:

Delta 1867
Departure: 11:10 AM PDT (1810Z)

Flight #2:

Delta 1922
Departure: 5:53 PM CDT (2253Z)


Departure at 9:15 pm CST (2115z)
Arrival at 9:55 mst (2155z)
Date: July 28th


I’m having a flight really soon.
Airline: Finnair
Flight Number: AY1879
Departure Airport: Helsinki (EFHK)
Arrival Airport: Kos (LGKO)
Departure time (in Zulu): 03:00
Arrival time (in Zulu): 06:45
Date: 28th of July


Flying to San Antonio again, tomorrow! I’ll try a trip report!

Airline: Southwest
Flight #: 4704
Depart: KBWI Baltimore/Washington
Arrival: KSAT San Antonio
Depart time: 1810Z
Arrive time: 1930Z
Registration: N274WN
Date: tomorrow July,28


Flying back to Athens from Crete!

Airline: Aegean Airlines (of course ;))
Departure Airport: LGIR, Heraklion N. Kazantzakis Airport
Arrival Airport: LGAV, Athens E. Venizelos Airport
Flight Number: Olympic 319/OA319/OAL319. Operated by Aegean
Aircraft: A320
Departure Time: 14:30z, 17:30 Greek time
Arrival Time: 15:20z, 18:20 Greek time
Date: 29th July

Feel free to track me if you want😁


Departure airport:Brussels Zaventem
Arrival airport:Helsinki Vantaa
Aircraft:Embraer 190
Departure time:In a one hour


Airline: American
Flight: AA956
Departure time: Like an hour and 30 minutes ago


Airline : Southwest (WN/SWA)
Flight Number : WN1393
Departure Airport : Los Angeles (KLAX)
Arrival Airport : Baltimore (KBWI)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 5:35Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 17:45Z
Date : JULY 31, 2018


Airline : United
Aircraft : Embraer RJ145XR
Flight Number : 4672
Departure Airport : KIDA
Arrival Airport : KDEN
Departure time (in Zulu) : 2335Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 113Z
Date : August 1, 2018

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