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Don’t they have the exact same wing dimensions?


Not sure about that, that might be the case considering they’re in the same ‘family’, such as the 737 family.


Airline : Qantas

Flight Number : QF10

Departure Airport : EGLL

Arrival Airport : YPPH

Departure time (in Zulu) : 1215Z

Arrival time (in Zulu) : 0500Z

Date: 4/02/2018

I am so jet lagged that I am an extra terrestrial screwup. and i have to fly back to qatar in a 10 days.

business class comfy seats is the only thing keeping me alive right now.


Wow! You scored a sweet ticket! What seat are you in?


Business class, hold on, lemme check my seat


@CathayPacific I’m in seat 11A.


@Josh_Tomaz, Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and also stretch your legs from time to time.
You’ve got a loooong flight ahead of you and remember take a nap or even sleep which would be better, that is if you are able to?
Have a Safe Flight :)


Only got 5 hours left, but then I have a 1 hour stopover in Perth and then i’m on a 330 to Sydney. My dad upgraded us to Business for that flight aswell because he only realised he had quite a lot of Discovery Health points 🙈


Anyone want to track my flight?
American Airlines 1291


Track my flight:

Delta 2511

Coming home after a painful time with braces. 😁


Approximately when is the flight.

Found the Aircraft


Departure time is 8:45 PDT (0345Z) but we have a slight delay because there are no flight attendants. 😂

The 2 pilots showed up, but we have no flight attendants.


Track My Flight Tonight

Airline: Delta Airlines
Flight Number: DL2583
Aircraft: Airbus A320-211 [A320]
Departure Airport: New Orleans [KMSY]
Scheduled Departure Time: 7:05 PM [CDT]
Arrival Airport: New York [KJFK]
Estimate Arrival Time: 10:50PM [EDT]

#Comfort++ ;)


You get Delta Comfort?! Lucky!

Btw, do you mind putting the times in zulu? Thanks


Didn’t your last flight come from JFK to IAH?


Literally in the air as we speak ;)


I did LGA-IAH (spent 3 days there) then drove to MSY and spent 3 days there. Now flying MSY-JFK.


Ooh! GoGoinFlight WiFi! How’s the view up there?


Dark but nice! I love this new WiFi system though! :)


Well… We will be in a nice holding pattern for the next 15 minutes as JFK changes runways!! Come watch them on FL24! :)