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Airline : Saudigulf
Flight Number : 6s 309
Departure Airport : DAMMAM ( OEDF ) DMM
Arrival Airport : JEDDAH ( OEJN ) JED
Departure time (in Zulu) : 14:40
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 17:10
Date : 15/12/2017



Airline: Qantas
Flight number: QF536
Departure airport: YSSY(Sydney)
Arrival airport: YBBN (Brisbane)
Departure time (Zulu): 0500Z
Arrival time (Zulu): 0630Z
Date: 17th December
Plane: B738


DL1872 and DL1771 today.



I’m leaving to London today so track me!
Airline: Virgin Atlantic
Departure Airport: KLAX
Arrival Airport: EGLL
Flight #: VS8
Let me know if you find me!


Airline : KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight Number : KLM702
Departure Airport : SCEL/SCL
Arrival Airport : SAEZ/EZE
Departure time (in Zulu) : 15:45 Zulu
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 17:45 Zulu
Date : 15/2/2018 (15th of February, 2018)

I’m flying on the 777-300ER again, so I hope it’s a nice flight just like last time.
After that, on Monday I’ll fly an Amaszonas CRJ-200, so I’ll keep you updated on that.


Airline : Amaszonas (Uruguay)
Flight Number : Z8761
Departure Airport : SABE/AEP
Arrival Airport : SULS/PDP
Departure time (in Zulu) : 14:50 Zulu
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 15:45 Zulu
Date : 19/2/2018 (19 of February, 2018)

First time on a CRJ (-200), and a new airline for me.


Airline : Amaszonas
Flight Number : Z8752
Departure Airport : SUMU/MVD
Arrival Airport : SABE/AEP
Departure time (in Zulu) : 13:10 Zulu
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 14:00 Zulu
Date : 24/2/2018 (24th of February, 2018)

Back to Buenos Aires, KLM in three days!


Track my flight at around 0000Z later

Airline: Virgin America
Flight Number: 1813


Airline : Kenya Airways (KQ-KQA)
Flight Number : 704
Departure Airport : Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK/NBO)
Arrival Airport : Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (FLKK/LUN)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 1040Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 1535Z
Date : 2/15/2018
Aircraft : E195

Note: There’s a stopover in Harare.

I do realize that radar coverage is limited over the African continent, but I still hope you can find my flight!


Airline : KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight Number : KL701
Departure Airport : Buenos Aires Ezeiza, SAEZ/EZE
Arrival Airport : Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez Int’l, SCEL/SCL
Departure time (in Zulu) : 11:55 Zulu
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 14:30 Zulu
Date : 26/2/2018 (26th of February, 2018)

Getting back to Chile, on the lovely 777.


Airline : Emirates
Flight Number : EK-1215
Departure Airport : OMBD
Arrival Airport : EGLL
Departure time (in Zulu) : 0400Z
Arrival time (in Zulu) :1100Z
Date: 2/26/18


Airline : Cebu Pacific

Aircraft: A320

Flight Number : 5J363

Departure Airport : VMMC (Macau)

Arrival Airport : RPLL (Manila)

Departure time (in Zulu) : 1415Z

Arrival time (in Zulu) : 1600Z

Date: 3/28/18

Will board in approximately twenty minutes. Inbound aircraft was late.


Airline : Air China
Flight Number : CA180
Departure Airport : RPLL
Arrival Airport : ZBAA
Departure time (in Zulu) : 2220
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 250
Date : March 31


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Airline: Delta Connection [Republic Airways]
Flight Number: DL6091
Aircraft: Embraer [E75S - E175LR]

Departure Airport: New York [KLGA]
Scheduled Departure Time: 6:25 PM [EDT]
Arrival Airport: Houston [KIAH]
Estimate Arrival Time: 9:35 PM [CDT]


Track my flight:

Delta 144
Departure time: 2:13 PDT (2113Z)


Found you with little trouble as you were entering 39,000 ft! Enjoy your flight w/ the baby bus!


We left the gate 7 minutes early and we should arrive 30 minutes early at KSEA


That’s always great to hear, I might be in Seattle next winter break myself!


In the interior of the plane looks pretty new, nice, and clean, despite the plane being 14 years old


The wing looks bigger than I expected, reminds me of the A320.