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Heading back to Florida soon for school, flying out of the new terminal at LGA:

Flight 1:
Airline: American
Flight Number: AA598
Departing Airport: New York–LaGuardia (KLGA/LGA)
Arrival Airport: Charlotte (KCLT/CLT)
Departure Time:2022-01-10T18:29:00Z
Aircraft: B737-800 (N200NV, 5 years old)
Class: First

Flight 2:
Airline: American (PSA Airlines)
Flight Number: AA5639
Departing Airport: Charlotte (KCLT/CLT)
Arrival Airport: Daytona Beach (KDAB/DAB)
Departure Time: 2022-01-10T21:34:00Z
Aircraft: CRJ-900LR (N603NN, 2 years old)
Class: First

Well, I’m flying again. Going with friends to Key West for the weekend!

Airline: Silver
Flight Number: 3M75
Departing Airport: Orlando (KMCO/MCO)
Arrival Airport: Key West (KEYW/EYW)
Departure Time: 2022-01-14T17:00:00Z
Aircraft: ATR42-600 (N405SV, 3 years old)
Class: Economy

I am gonna fly to Hamburg on Tuesday. There I’ll participate in the official assessment center to become a german ATC

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Heading back up to Orlando:

Airline: Silver
Flight Number: 3M70
Departing Airport: Key West (KEYW/EYW)
Arrival Airport: Orlando (KMCO/MCO)
Departure Time: 2022-01-17T19:50:00Z
Aircraft: ATR42-600
Class: Economy

Here is my flight with easyJet on the A320 :)

Airline : easyJet
Flight Number : EZY808
Departure Airport : Edinburgh (EGPH/EDI)
Arrival Airport : London Gatwick (EGKK/LGW)
Departure time (in Zulu) : 14:55
Arrival time (in Zulu) : 16:25
Date : 11th February 2022

Departing in 4:20hrs 👀

Arrived at the airport, currently waiting for my test results. Meanwhile I checked out out I hope to be my future work place

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First of three flights today

DL 4012 E175



Now taxiing to runway 08L in D-AILB (LH2070)

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Just arrived!