Track Other Members' Flights: IF Edition

Hello All!

I think that it would be fun and exciting if anyone in the Infinite Flight Community could post a certain flight that they would want other people to track using Live Flight Connect. This would be different then creating a group flight or an event. Instead of asking members to fly with you, your asking them to track your flight. A LOT of flights are flown in Infinite Flight every day. Because of that, we ask you to post at a maximum of once a day.

Be sure to post using the following format:

Departure Airport:
Arrival Airport:


Airline: Air Canada
Callsign: Air Canada 1053 Heavy
Departure Airport: CYYZ
Arrival Airport: EGLL
Server: Expert
Date: 2019-05-20T22:00:00Z

(Note: I HAVE PMed @Flying-Switzerland about this topic. And no. This is not the same as @Flying-Switzerland’s topic. His was about flights IRL. This is for IF.)

@Flying-Switzerland’s Topic:

Can’t wait to see what you got!


This seems like a good idea the only problem is isn’t this what LiveFlight is for?


LiveFlight is for tracking the members flight. It displays all the flight info


Yes, but isn’t that what would be done here as well?


@iidvdii We need you to start another strange flight so we can track you.


Yes, but I don’t think people will constantly announcing their speed. LiveFlight is Live

Besides speed their isn’t really a difference

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Speed, start of decent, touchdown, parked at gate, etc…

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Soon my dear I will make flight will be amazing .😊

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Personally, if I needed to know this information

I would just look them up on LiveFlight


Yeah, but you need to know where they are and what server to find them.

Thats on LiveFlight too.LiveFlight is bæ isn’t it :)


If you want someone to track your flight, you post it here. There is a small odd someone will track you when you want them to without announcing it.

That’s something I could agree with :)

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Personally, why would I want someone to track me if I want to keep my flight private?

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If you want to keep your flight private, don’t post it here :)

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Ok. So correct me if I’m wrong, but this is for people who just want to let others know that they’re flying even though there really isn’t much of any other benefits of this.

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for those who are in the community members spotting page and feel they don’t get spotted enough this is possibly a way to get more people involved and get thee smaller newer members more recognized I don’t see an issue. I see plenty complain on the page that they never get spotted this is a good way to be seen.


Thanks! Someone understands 😃


Why does everyone have to be so argumentative ? Unless a mod says something just leave it alone. Everyone has something negative to say but nothing positive. Let me start. I like this idea and think it will be interesting to see where my fellow community members are flying 👍