Track my Flight!

I know other topics have been made about this, but this one is for my flight.
Departing at 14:35 Local (1835Z)
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (B752)
If anymore information is needed. Please PM me


I see you’re taking the early flight to Iceland. I’ll be on the lookout! ;)

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Thank you!

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I’m leaving on Jul 15

Maybe you should add that to your description :(

Maybe post this in one of the other topics and bump it on the day of your flight? We don’t want topics about every person’s flights do we?

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he just said thats for his

If he post their, the chances are only 1 or 2 will track his flight.

If he left it hear, more people will be aware and track his flight

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Alot of post are, view and go.

That post you linked, not alot will go back their to view new flights

Community does not get clogged by these post. Like other moderators says, Post come and go.
They get attention for like 30 minutes and when no one views them, they get dropped

If their duplicated, they should be closed and unlisted, but I don’t see that with track my flights.

But not everyone travels everyday. So not everyone will post a track my flight every week.

Having all flights on one page is not accessible. From personal experience, if a topic has alot of post, a device wouldn’t be able to handle it. Lag. If you have lag, it would be impossible to find what your looking for

Guys, quit the arguing! Take this to PM, please. 😡

Post getting attention for a year ago because of the new updates and more. People all want the some things but their requested long ago.

Now tell me, if a original topic maker says Track my flight, airline Southwest

willl make sence too merge a united or delta flight in there?

Oops, I thought I did

Just as a reminder to anyone who is tracking my flight, it is in two days, on Jul 15

Ok! My flight is today!! At 14:35 local, 18:35Z

Now today is the first leg of my return trip:
Depart: 301205Z (July 2016)
Est. Arrive: 301600Z (July 2016)
B752 (Boeing 757-200)
Departing gate and terminal: (I think) Terminal 1 Gate D11

If I forgot to include any information, just lmk

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It’s actually ICE533

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