Track my Flight

Tomorrow(June 27,2016) I leave for Boston,Massachusetts from Ronald Regan airport in DC for math camp. I fly on JetBlue flight #354 that departs at 9:36. See if you can track my flight.

Wow you’re coming to my city!? I might spot you when I go tomorrow.

A JetBlue flight for a math camp? JetBlue has like the most expensive flights. Surprised they got that. Normally camps and schools pick United or American.

It was the cheapest flight from DC

Look for the JetBlue Embraer 190

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Can I get plane type, and gate #? (You’ll be at terminal C, that’s where jet blue leaves from) @seedman
I’m definitely going to, I’ll PM you all the details.

JetBlue Embraer 190 departing from Terminal B gate 26 and arriving at terminal C gate C26.

Not exactly a duplicate. He could post it over there but he is talking specifically about his flight. So it isn’t a duplicate expect if he already did a topic about this.

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Um, what? JetBlue is an LCC. American and United are like 10 times as expensive.

Umm, no. This is one person’s flight, not multiple people…plus it’s specific.

Ok guys, it’s an error from me

Regards, and excuses ;-)

JetBlue is not a low-cost-carrier. Every plane they have has TVs on the back of the seats, more legroom, and frankly, all better service. With JetBlue, the extra costs are hidden in the baggage, which is essential for pretty much every passenger.

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