Track my flight on Thursday. 10-20-16

I’m flying American from DFW to DCA. Flight number 419 departing 7:00. (Will not be updated because I will be flying with no Wifi.) Aircraft is A321


Pretty big plane for DCA…

No I don’t think so

Well sort of. A few airlines are flying 757’s to DCA.

What do you mean by that? Do you mean that the A321 is not big for DCA?

Yes it’s the 2nd biggest (behind the 757) I think and even so most planes in and out of DCA are regional or shuttle flights.

I agree. I can’t wait until I fly there.

That’s exactly what I mean

I’ve been to DCA and there are quite a lot of A321s

Time for me to get off so I can get up early and get to DFW. Worst part: security. Will talk more when I get back or if I have time in Washington D.C.

A lot of A320s not A321s (Lived in DC a fees years ago and flew out of DCA a lot)

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I was at DCA 4 months ago and there were 5-6 American Airlines A321s

Isn’t there a thread for this? Or did it get closed?

5-6 A321s? There were 20-25 American Eagle ERJs at DCA last time I was there, not to mention a decent amount of A320/19s and 737s. I didn’t see one plane bigger than a 737…