Track my flight from Florida to Maryland on Southwest today!

I would like you guys to track my flight so I looked at the template @Flying-Switzerland created. Thank you very much for creating the template!

Airline: Southwest
Flight Number: 4086
Departure Airport: PBI- Palm Beach International
Arrival Airport: BWI- Baltimore Washington International
Departure Time (in Zulu): 19Z05
Arrival Time (in Zulu): 21Z25
Date: December 28, 2016

I will take pics and post them after the flight. Also please let me know if there is an error in my Zulu time or in my flight setup information. Thank you, and I hope you track my flight!


Thanks but you should post directly in my topic and not creating a topic ;-)


Oh, so I wasn’t supposed to create one. Ok so do I just copy and paste?

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Post in this thread @FLaviation19 :)


Ok, I will, thank you!

Exactly copy and paste ;-)

A @moderators will close very soon this topic

Okay then. I am doing it right now!

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That’s perfect 👌

I created one of these topics the other day and I’ve seen 5 since. I learned my mistake, but clearly others didn’t 😂

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Yeah! I have definetly learned my mistake as well!