Trabzon airport

There a problem in the airport

Clear scenery cache?

I do that today

The problem from my device or the game?

There isn’t any problem with the airport on my device, so it might just be an issue with your device.


Yeah the problem is in your device I would suggest restarting the app and it should solve it .

Whoops, just realised. Sorry!

Did you start your app and device Like @shatti said

After take-off the problem gone 😂


what was the problem in the first place ?

Please don’t repeat the same thing 2 times before the OP has replied.

@shatti airport runway wasn’t loaded in, first picture to the left

Yeah it happens sometimes but it’s not from the airport itself probably from the device not loading

Might just be connection issues

We concluded that the problem is from the device.
The moderators can close the topic

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Oh yeah and this should have been in the #support just for next time . :)