Tr!p Report. Westjet B738!

Tr!p Report

By: ThomasThePro

Hey IFC, Welcome abord!

Flight Details:

Airline: WestJet


Departure Airport: Calgary (YYC-CYYC)

Arrival Airport: Vancouver (YVR-CYVR)

Departure Gate : A13

Arrival gate: B14

Date: 14-12-2019

Flight Time: 1 h 23 min

Aircraft : B738

Class: Premium Economy

As we board look at this leg room! 😍 Jackpot
No IFE Btw

As we start push back we spot his beauty going to Toronto (YYZ-CYYZ) 😍

As we takeoff out of this weather! 😁

Didn’t have a picture of the food served, but we got Biscoff cookies and a choice of drink. 😋


We start Descent into Vancouver (YVR-CYVR) 😊

Overall: Easy quick flight with In-flight Entertainment on a mobile device. Lots of legroom. Good weather, wasn’t a bad day of travel!

Score Out of 10:



Thank you for reading!



Well I’m definitely jealous! Hope you enjoyed your flight!

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I did. This one was the best out of 4 flight! :) Enjoyed every moment! Thank You


Those biscoff cookies are the best! Other than that, great! I should fly Westjet sometime.

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Nice trip report I really liked it!


Thanks for the kind words both of you!

@Butter_Boi you should try it isn’t bad at all. :)

@Armani_B kept the TripReport simple. !


Leg room, a nice GIF and a great view, that looks like a great flight! Thanks for sharing!

Nice trip report!

Totally of topic, but I have the same backpack as you😂

Wow …, it actually snows there…
Wish we had snow :’/

Nice trip report though👍

I search Westjet Emoji hen this GIF came up looks cool! 😎

@Scandanavian54super no worries. I like that backpack had it for 2 years and it’s amazing! 👌

@Infinite_Qantas it’s more the cold then the snow in YYC, but when it snows it’s a lot! 🌨❄


I have had them in iMessages for ages and it’s so cool to see someone else using them!

Here’s the URL if anyone wants the GIF:

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Cool stuff thomas!

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Thank you @Aviationflyer04 ☺️👊

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Trying to escape the weather? It was really foggy today

I could beg to differ. Have you ever had the Stroopwafels on United?

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No, I have not had the waffles. Are they good?

Are they good??? They’re AMAZING!!!

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@Alex_L let’s say that! 😜

Ive always wanted to try west jet, but have never had the chance.