Toy Planes Compared To Real Planes

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So I’ve been thinking for a while ever since I built my Lego Planes and i have been comparing them to real aircraft but I don’t know the exact one. Maybe you guys know?
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I’m saying like what plane it looks like, not what it’s based off of, and any other people have similar cases then post it here


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The blue one looks like a CRJ or Challenger without winglets.


I was kinda thinking it was an E140 or something like that, I’ll show you the engines


I think the might be the CRJ-200. Wondered about this, just hasn’t appeared in my kind for a while now.


I’ve built lots of these, and I don’t think they are ment to resemble any real aircraft, because of licensing.

They kinda looks like the 717 I used to have these planes when I was younger.

Due to licensing it officially doesn’t look like anything… But it’s most likely based off a CRJ, ERJ or 717


Seems like a 717 cause of the engines, but then the nose is similar to a CRJ-200

Looks like a CRj…

I have those planes aswell

They are not meant to be based of any plane.

I remember I had a blue lego plane and it had 2 engines on each wing and the second engine was at the half way point and back then I thought of it as a jumbo jet but soon after I realized it was not because it held like 8 people. Legos planes are like Frankenstein it is just a mashup of different planes

I have a few of these planes while they aren’t original I have been modifying a few to look like actual aircraft
A Cargo Aircraft that was originally a tail loading aircraft

My early warning aircraft that was like the private aircraft above
My 737 that looks like a A320 with airstairs that was originally the 2011 passenger plane
Although if you want a realistic aircraft toy. The old matchbox planes from before 2010 are really good


I like the fact that everyone gravitated towards lego planes even though the topic says toy planes

I did kinda start the Lego plane craze, I started with the new Lego airport and VIP plane, I also used to have the cargo quad jet before we cleaned the house and it got smashed in the closet. 😭 Rest In Pieces (pun intended) Cargo Plane 😭

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I bought a 3 dollar little toy plane that you wind up a rubber band which spins the propeller and there are different planes like a spitfire and a p-51 mustang but they all look the same


There are some authentic ones there!

Matchbox has always based thier planes off of real ones, like A300’s and 777’s etc. I had a bunch as a kid, A300s, 777s, DC-10’s, MD-80s. cool stuff. They always put an identifier on the bottom of the wing.

The thing about matchbox is the fact that the planes and cars themselves are not to scale but if they were they would be huge

I agree, the matchbox models are pretty much on point, i have a forrest service C130 (left #1) a M.B.A.F. DC-10 (#2) concord (#3) BlueAngels F-18 (#4) an F-16A (#5) & an F-22 (#6 right). I can give the years they were made for instance #1&2 were 2002. But they all have the correct model numbers.


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