Townsville International Airport

Townsville is a quite humble city in North Queensland, Australia. It’s actually my Hometown! It’s also part of history as it once housed a Qantas Boeing 747-SP in the early 1980’s. Now a regional airport, it still operates domestic flights, by Virgin Australia, Qantas and also Jetstar. I would like if it was implemented!


Would be a good flight on IF Townsville- cairns along the coast

I sometimes fly that route in a Qantas Q400! It’s a very comfortable flight.

Only be a 30-40 min flight wouldn’t it?

@qf737400 45 minutes at the most.

Is this airport within the Sydney Region?

@Swang007 its more up north, near Cairns.

Id love if my hoke airport was added but this isnt going to happen no one wants this except you. What makes it special to other people. Terrain?

Melbourne would be cool!
Routine peak hour 767 from Melbourne to Sydney.

The approach to YTBL, is very mountainous. You have Mount Stewart which you approach at least 1000ft above the mountain. And you have a low approach over suburbs.

Bringing this topic up for more opinions and thoughts…

Since we’re talking about Australian Expansion, we might consider going north.

Sunshine Coast airport a little bit below cairns on the map

That’s why I’m considering QLD? I mean it has 5 Intl. Airports;

Cairns (YBCS)
Townsville (YBTL)
Brisbane (YBCS)
Gold Coast (YBCG)
Sunshine Coast (YBSU)

Who wouldn’t want 5 International Airports? I would.

I mean Townsville operates flights to the Gold Coast, using a Jet-Go E135, flights to Brisbane using a QF 737 and a VA E190 or 737, and flights to Cairns using a Q400.

There is actually a fifth international airport Sunshine Coast (YMCY) air New Zealand flys there. It also has two terminals

Sorry, I editied it. Sunshine Coast airport is YBSU.

MCY means Maroochydore that is where the Airport is situated

the IATA is MCY, the ICAO is YBSU. (Sunshine Coast)

Like TSV is YBTL, BNE is YBBN, OOL is YBCG and CNS is YBCS.

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