Towing Truck fire at EDDF

A Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 was damaged by a fire at EDDF


Sourced from daily star:
A Star Alliance plane was engulfed by flames at Frankfurt Airport when the truck towing the aircraft caught fire during a push-back.

Six people have been treated with various injuries – according to a Frankfurt Airport spokesman.

The blaze surrounded the Lufthansa Airbus A340’s cockpit while it was being moved near an airport terminal.

Quite an interesting scenario
Dj’s Aviation made a video on it if you want to check it out;


Yikes. That aircraft is probably going to be written off

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Excellent, another A343 ‘Ground gripper’ not to get stuck behind!

To be honest the majority of it looks like smoke damage so a quick wipe will sort it out. Lots of rubber, hydraulic fluid and plastics in tugs, they burn dirty!


They got a reputation for being slow on the deck then I take it?

Guess there will be a big fault check on her as well as getting the mop and bucket out! Lots of electrics, hydraulics and rubber at the pointy end there too! :-)

This isn’t good. A tug towing a Star Alliance (Lufthansa CityLine) A340-300 caught fire at FRA.

Actually it’s because their climb performance is pretty poor! It’s always a race to try and out climb a 343 to an optimum flight level otherwise you might get stuck under it! They also cruise at a pretty pedestrian rate!

I’ve over flown and under flown a few!!! :D

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I see this Livery doing Frankfurt to South and Central America all the time on FR24 (Flightradar24). Such a shame it might be written off. 😞 Btw I hope the six that escaped (including tug driver) won’t have severe/fatal injuries. 😥

Looking at the close up pics wiping won’t help anything considering the large burnt hole right to the avionics bay. -FA will sadly become a spare part donor for sure.

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As it’s a 17 year old airframe, so I suspect that accounts might write it off and the she gets used for spares…

Those pictures certainly put a slightly different spin on things!

I would tend to agree that with such significant damage to the fuselage that it will ‘probably’ be a write off. However stranger things have happened! (Vegas BA 777 engine fire VIIO was an old airframe as well with far more damage!)

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Isnt that how all Airbus are compared to Boeing? From everyone I have talked to who flies professionally as a a pilot in a Boeing you dont want to get caught behind and under an Airbus on climbout.

Last time I checked, (mainly on social media, but from multiple accounts) the airframe was 20 years old. But so could be wrong. :)

It may vary though as Boeing May have opted to fix the BA B777 aircraft however by the looks of things the damage there may not have been as bad as this one from what the eye can see. Airbus may not want to fix it and considering these aircraft are close to retirement anyway I see no reason as to why they would get it fixed as it looks like if Moritz is saying is true then it will be a very costly job. BA aren’t really looking to retire their B777’s either so they would likely be willing to spend more on repairs instead of sourcing a replacement aircraft.

The plane was built back in year 2000 and on the month of June, so it’s going to turn 18 soon…

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Oh ok thanks for the clarification.😉

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The new Airbus aircraft, 380 & 350, have much better performance. The 380 can happily cruise at around .86 I believe and I would ‘assume’ the 350 is the same.

As to age of airframes the physical age is not often what dictates the airframes worth. It is the number of cycles (pressurisation and depressursation) that dictates the airframes value. An older airframe with fewer cycles will be less susceptible to fatigue in most cases than a newer, hard flown aircraft.

At the end of the day the decision whether or not to scrap an airframe is taken by the manufacturer and the insurance company based on some long, complex mathematical and financial geekery.

It’s always a tad creepy when you can see the fuselage’s frame through the blackened paint.

Wow that hardly happens and a very dangerous incident
That video explained a lot
And I guess the a340 was pretty old in my opinion

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