Towers, Only Towers!

Long One Coming To An End! 🏁

Highest Of Flowers… 🌹

Lights Are On! 🎄

There’s A Plan, And I Trust In It… 🏆

Burning Beauty! 🔥

Memorial Adventure! 🇺🇸

Stairs To The Sky… 🌃

Pandaland! 🐼

Alt + F4. 🇮🇳

Pleasure Of Flying… 🕊

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awesome dude, really love your IG and aspire to make posts like yours :)) do you have any tips for editing photos?? :))

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You mean rocket ship

Amazing photos!

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Also my callsign! Nice shots.

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Ty, first of all!! I wouldn’t say I edit in an specific manner but some things I think may make a picture better are rotating it a bit, adding some saturation and playing with lights and shadows, that’s everything that comes to my mind rn… 👍🏼

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😂, thanks!

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That’s a curious one, thanks haha!

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not gonna lie… this is my favorite post ever

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If not allowed remove it but I had a little bit of irony with the IF Instagram and my real life… I spent Monday-Friday of this past week going to ATL for training for my job and the ATL tower just so happened to featured on the IF Instagram while I was inside T-concourse waiting for my instructor


That means a lot, thanks!

I wish I can be in front of every ATC tower in IF soon, it must be cool to have them in front after seeing them every week in the sim 😂

Well my home tower ain’t even in game and probably won’t be considering my airport has 3 parking spots in game and no guide lines for aircraft and the runway numbering is that of 14 years ago

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thanks bro :))

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Nice shots! Btw what airport was pandaland?

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Very nice! Its crazy how good the devs made these towers

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Thanks, that’s Beijing Capital, ZBAA

That’s look like very nice

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Nice! I thought it was Chengdu because it is the capital of the province home to pandas but CTU is not 3D yet lol

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