Tower Vectoring

Hey guys! So for my feature request today it brings us to Tower Vectors. Now this would give tower the ability to give vectors to departing aircraft.

Now you may be wondering… Why do we need this?

Well with the addition of SIDS (Standard Instrument Departure) we have airports, such as KORD that have no SIDS. In real life these airports usually have tower give the departing aircraft vectors.

Here is an example:
Pilot: Skywest 225 ready for takeoff, 28R
ATC: Skywest 225, cleared for takeoff 28R fly heading 220 after departure

As you can see the Delta turned a hard right because it destination is LGA while the Alaska turned a soft right because it’s destination is SEA

Now sometimes it may be they maintain runway heading and then they get a vector. Most of the time after the vector, said aircraft is handed off to departure and vectored onto their FPL!

This would also be useful on go arounds! For those who don’t use go around procedures, tower would give to you a vector!

Pilot: Skywest 342 going around
ATC: Skywest 342 go around, fly heading 220 and contact approach

I honestly think this would make the game more realistic and if you agree please consider dropping a vote!

Amazing idea got my vote, but tower has sequencing so on second thought might not be worth it.


Yes! Especially when your controlling a busy airport with no approach controller. It’s one way to keep the departures and arrivals separated.


Thanks for the votes guys!


Especially at EWR this would be so helpful… I’m all out of votes though… 😞


Aww man. Thx for the feedback though!


Clearing a vote for this. When I listen to liveATC at ORD I hear this all the time, although I hear it the other way

Skywest 225 turn left heading 220, 28R cleared for takeoff


Amazing feature! You got my vote…

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Yessir! That’s where I got the idea from. Sorry for the wrong order didn’t take that into consideration 😂

Thx for the vote!

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Thank you my good sir!

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This would be amazing! Let me clear up a vote.


Oh my. This is the most votes I’ve gotten lol! Thx mate!

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Just voted!

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KORD is my home airport! 🤩🤩

Although I don’t have enough votes for this at the time, we do need this in the future. My support is 100% here.

You got my vote! This would seem like a awesome feature!

Same bro!!! Favorite airport as well! Thx for your comments and hopefully a vote will free up soon!

Thx mate! I believe this would make for a great feature

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Voted. As simple as that.

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Great idea! This would be especially useful in busy airspace’s were details would be needed.

Thank you sooo much!

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