Tower Vectoring

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I can’t seem to find any specific feature request for this.

It’s worth noting that I rarely control. 99% of my time in the sim is spent flying aircraft, so I’m not speaking from experience as such.

Anyway, in real life tower controllers have the ability to vector aircraft, most commonly when they’re on approach. Infinite Flight recently took a step towards this by adding the ability to assign a heading and altitude to aircraft taking off. This is a splendid feature when used correctly, but is only half of the story.

Now, I’m aware that controllers (namely tower and approach) aren’t always in direct communication with each other and may start trying to take control of each other’s aircraft once they’re in the tower controller’s range.

So, the request: pretty please with a cherry on top, can tower controllers have the ability to give aircraft more detailed vectors than a pattern leg? But, please can these vectors only be given within, say, 15nm of the airfield and when below, say, 8000ft (or FL80, depending on the transition altitude)? These restrictions should solve the problem mentioned above, while the new ability would undeniably add realism.

So, I open the floor to you all. What do we think?

Cheers guys
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Once I could sequence, it is fine for me, but I like the idea, makes it more realistic

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Tower controllers would have to recieve more training with this.
I do like the idea though!

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I’m not sure about this. I feel it’s easier with one less step giving a sequence or pattern entry (when needed)

Looks like a cool idea, as this is used in real life. Remember to vote for your own topic!

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Leta say KLAX for the FNF airport, that would be a little to much

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KLAX should have two controllers on. That being said, I did negate to mention the vectors are an ability, not a necessity. So approach could take more of the load at LAX later, meaning tower only has to clear for takeoff/landing

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To nip this in the bud, tower can’t vector aircraft. Yes, there are things like issuing headings when go around commands are given, but those are done in coordination with the approach frequency and/or via letters of agreement / facility directives / missed app publications. What tower can explicitly do, however, is give suggested headings. There’s a difference between the two.


Also, in a way, there is a vector already. It is “Cleared for takeoff, fly runway heading until at or above 3,000 feet”.

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