Tower Tour: How-to Guide

Hello community:

Today I bring you a different type of topic. I have seen much talk recently on how do I get a tour tower at my local airport? Well, this is my guide on how to get a tower tour and how to set one up! Things may be different in other parts of the world

Step 1: Make sure you really want a tower tour. Pick a day and be dedicated to that day for the tour.
Step 2: Gather who you want to be on the tour with you. I would suggest less than five people.
Step 3: Once you got that gathered, call the tower of your local airport or if you have a controller friend, contact him and he will ask his SUP if it’s okay.
Step 4: Answer there questions when you contact them. After all, you are visiting a government facility.
Step 5: Be respectful on the phone. Being polite goes a long ways.
Step 6: Once you get it set up, be on time. It’s like showing up for a meeting, a job interview, or even school. They are expecting you and it’s rude to make them wait for you. After all, they can say NO.
Step 7: Once you get to the front gate, push the right button and tell them who you are and what you are doing. They will let you in to the parking lot.
Step 8: Once in the parking lot, park. There will be people at the door to let you in and you will have to sign in.
Step 9: Be respectful of there work environment. Do not be loud, rude, etc. If they do not want to an answer something, do not keep asking.
Step 10: Do not over welcome your stay. This is there work, not a house. They are nice enough to let you visit.

These are my steps on how to successfully get a tower tour and how to act when inside. Hope you all enjoy.


I hear KAPA controllers are glad to let you see inside. If only that was the case for KDEN, but then again, that’s a busy Class B.


Yeah. At my local Class C (KLIT) they want people to come up and tour the tower.

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Hmmmm I’ve always wanted to try a visit at my home airport, Wellington (NZWN). I’ll try and take some of these tips!


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