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I have been practicing on departure control In preparation for IFATC, and I’ve been wondering, if an aircraft doesn’t contact you on departure after takeoff, how long should you wait before contacting that air craft with an on guard as most tower controllers in TS don’t give the frequency change command

I would normally hand them off to departure 30 seconds after takeoff MAX. My handoff time would probably be 15-20 seconds after takeoff. Hope this helps :)

All right so the on guard comes 15-30 seconds after rotation if they don’t switch.

Roger, that is correct.

It always depends on traffic, runway configuration and terrain. I usually stick with 500-1000 ft AGL. Not sure if there is a specific rule.
A little reminder:
You don’t need to practice on the Approach/Departure frequency. That’s another test we do once you’ve been part of IFATC for a month.


Oh okay, the written test is the hard test right? In preparation for the written I’m watching every single video on ATC

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The practical was more challenging for me.
You shouldn’t have a problem, if you watch Tyler’s and Marks videos. A lot of it is logical thinking.
Good luck :)


On your initial written and practical test there is no radar, so don’t worry about it.

No test is hard if you’re prepared and all ready to go

Just practice, watch the tutorials(Just tower and ground) and you should be good

Good luck

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When do you get tested to take the radar controlls positions (Approach and departure) on expert.

A month after you joined you can opt in for the approach training program and become a radar controller. The program isn’t mandatory for everyone though

You have to be IFATC for 1 month. This isn’t something you need to worry about at this point. Here’s where you can find more info:

@tomthetank it has been updated to one month

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(Some joke about there not being standards anymore ha ha ha) edited, thank you!

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