Tower Talk | Radar 1.0

It’s back!

This has been another production long time coming, and on top of the other lovely announcements I’ve made in the last 24 hours, I figured this would top off the trio of great news as of late.

Behold, Tower Talk! I’m starting from scratch and dissecting certain aspects of the radar environment as I control. There may also be commentary about a few pilots, if I’m being honest…

WARNING- There is some language.


Geez, you are pumping out cool videos! I like em!


Outside of this imbed …is this video going to be available on YT in the IF group or else what search parameter do l type in to locate it !!!

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It’s unlisted. I would watch it signed in on the Internet then go to the app or whatever and find it on your search history

Click the arrow on the top right of the video to share and then click the link of the video.

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My search history on YT self erases after each session… so l guess l have to watch it here but l prefer it larger

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It’s public now. You should be able to find it with a few searches.


Ayyy I’m featured in this video!
VTBS ground tower and ATIS!
Cheers josh to a wonderful session 🍻!


Good stuff Josh, the commentary is just great !
This helps a lot to try to understand the thought processs that goes into controlling Approach.
Thanks, can’t wait for the next one!


Man, you are IF’s airforceproud95
(If not better)


Nah. I’m not nearly as good as AFProud, haha.

Glad you enjoyed! That’s what I was hoping this would do.

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Love it. Tell us how you really feel Josh. Lol. I liked and subscribed.

Wouldn’t expect anything less from a boilermaker 🚂

Keep pumping out some dope videos mate


I had to stop half way through so I could get more popcorn.


A minor in cinematography, perhaps? Apparently I’m supposed to have a concentration block to “enrich” my degree. Booooo…

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