Tower Talk | A New Program | Episode One- Schiphol Blues (Literally)

Hi, everyone!

After several weeks in the making (in addition to 11+ takes of video), I’m pleased to announce the “Tower Talk” program. This YouTube series highlights what it’s like to control as an advanced controller, as well as the situations that myself and other IFATCs encounter on the advanced server.

Feedback regarding the first episode would be very much appreciated. As I am new to the editing and video recording scene, I’m still finding my foothold with this sort of thing. The support throughout this project has been phenomenal, and has allowed me to get the ball rolling with ideas.

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I hope that y’all are able to stick around as we kick off the start of the series. Hopefully, as my editing skills improve, links to the wonderful tutorial videos made by our ATC and pilot community managers will be readily available, as well as a few fun graphics thrown in upcoming episodes. Maybe we’ll have a few guest videos or two in the future. ;)

  • Special thanks to Jason Rosewell for the logo and looking over some of my raw footage. In addition, thanks to Tyler Shelton for giving some advice, as well as permission to continue with this.
  • This program has no affiliation nor intends to infringe with the currently available tutorials by our community managers. I would defer to them when looking over techniques used in those videos.


Episode One | Schiphol Blues (Literally)

P.S- It’s a well known fact that I’m kind of loud. If you want to turn it down a bit, feel free to. :)
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Nice idea with this whole thing! You should let other IFATC come on and both of you control at the same time. 😄


Great video! I would definitely like to see more!

I really like this idea as well! Like for example you could be on the departure frequency and the other IFATC could be on the tower frequency!


Nice Job Joshua!


I subscribed. I’m looking forward to more videos! :)

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Looks like you did a lot of work on iMovie!

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Music in background is amazing.
Playground is more messy than advanced

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Nice video Josh.

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Excellent job Joshy :)


Nice 👍 I might do one soon


Nice one, Josh. Maybe you can sing your own intro. ;)


Really nice idea. Not an advanced server yet tho

Good initiative.

Did anybody else notice N1RT doing 632kts @ FL11? Lol

Tower talk but you’re controlling approach? Hmm… ;)


Very nice josh

No talky Henry

Excellent job Joshy!! Keep’em up ;)

Nice job crash. Keep up the good work 😜


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