Tower Talk | 40 Subscriber Milestone | Flying Fun!

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of this program. We went up and beyond on subscription count, exceeding the 35 milestone to hit 40!

I decided to make this quick video as a present for anyone who wants to watch. Yes, it involves me flying. Yes, it involves me crashing. Yes, it involves bad jokes. Yes, it’s in Solo so it doesn’t harm anyone. Yes, those are a lot of yeses.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to troll or disrupt Live server activity with the bad flying displayed in the video. This is for entertainment purposes only. Be respectful to all people associated online, especially towards our own controllers who have to put up with this kind of flying daily. There’s a reason why this is in Solo.

40 Subscriber Milestone: Flying Fun!



Disclaimer 2.0: Watch this at your own risk.

Let’s shoot for 50 subs, guys! This time, I want you all to tell anyone residing under a bridge about this, as well as shady strangers hanging out in airport parking lots. :)

PSA: I think I’ve isolated the graphic stutter issue to AirShou’s compatibility. As the iPad Pro is relatively new and has a different set of graphic resolution, optimization for it probably hasn’t come through yet. For now, we’ll have to bear the slight stutter until they can get a resolution. Thanks for the patience!


😂😂 how do you do this my friend

Lmao now guys understands why we call him Crashy 😂


An understatement but it’s quality crashing 😉


Oh, if only I could get the slack joshy emoji to display here. This is priceless ;))))


Haha 😜👻👻 remember little kids do not do this IRL or on TS and Expert

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@JoshFly8 your video made me laugh so much! Your crashing and afterward frustration was hilarious!! Those jokes weren’t to bad either ;) keep up the good work and I look forward to another video 😬👋🏼

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Came across this video by chance. Boy, is it hilarious :-)) But it does remind me of my first few attempts to fly and I’m still learning. Would love to see a couple more like this to lighten up the week.



I’d love to make more, but AirShou is still down. Apple has been cracking down on the third party apps recently, especially with the iOS 10 release. Currently working towards my goal of purchasing a Mac in order to utilize QuickTime Player and get all of my devices on the same ecosystem, as I have a iPad Pro and iPhone to contend with. :)

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I pray that you will get your Mac soon so that the community can be treated
to some more hilarious videos :-D

“I’m just gonna touch, touch, yeeeaaah! There we go-oh!”

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