Tower Spotting @ KDEN

Hey guys, today the lovely people that work in KDEN tower allowed me to come up and spot the morning arrivals, here are the shots

An American Airlines CRJ-900 about to touchdown on 16R after a short hop from KASE

An Emirates A380 slowing down on 16R after the long flight from OMDB

Iceair 757-200 landing on runway 17R after a roughly 7 hour flight from BIKF

A Aeromexico 787-8 pulling up to the hold short line of runway 17L, departing to MMMX

A heavy A380 of Singapore Airlines lifting off runway 17L bound for WSSS

A 777F taxiing to the cargo stands after a flight from PANC

A crayon blue Southwest 737-8 starting it’s engines are it prepares to depart to somewhere that I forgot


Great shots,

I was gonna be there, but my game crashed :(

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